Addison Jenner Rolke Wish Fund

Since Addison’s passing we have been searching for different means of comfort and support while looking to create a legacy in her memory and for others that face a similar challenge. We found a mutual fit with the Community Foundation of Mississauga and have created a tribute to Addison called “The Addison Jenner Rolke Wish Fund”. The Community Foundation works with local charities and has contributed over $7 million in grants back to the community since 2001.

The capital contributed to Addison’s Wish Fund will grow in perpetuity and part of the income earned is donated annually to charities. It is not a one-time contribution to these charities, giving is felt for generations to come as the growing capital creates future funding.

To date, the value of Addison’s Fund exceeds $262,900 and we have donated over $34,000 to six charities as follows:
Grant DateCharityAmount
2017Kids Care Oncology Central West Ontario (Ronald McDonald House - Hamilton)$911
2017Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario$911
2018McMaster University: Dr. Sheila Singh's Research in Human Cancer Stem Cell Biology$2,864
2019The Lighthouse for Grieving Children$3,729
2020The Lighthouse for Grieving Children$4,601
2021Campfire Circle (Camp Ooch and Camp Trillium Corporation)$2,854
2021Meagan Bebenek Foundation$3,000
2022Campfire Circle (Camp Ooch and Camp Trillium Corporation)$3,597
2022Meagan Bebenek Foundation$4,500
2023Campfire Circle (Camp Ooch and Camp Trillium Corporation) *$3,852
2023Meagan Bebenek Foundation$3,852
* Donation matched

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